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We define the future of the web

By creating innovative apps & services.


Looking for customized software?

We advise, design, create and maintain custom applications for you. Everything is possible, from automated forms to entire management systems, even to entertainment apps like games.

Of course, we would love to help you with your existing applications.

Send your idea or request, and we'll look into the possibilities!

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Our projects

We also build and maintain our own ideas for the web.

When we see an opportunity for an improvement on the web,
we design, create and maintain those just as well.

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Our projects

Studite is a dutch platform for students, to easily create and share notes between other students and make it easier to maintain and organize your personal notes.
Nayro is a webgame currently in development.
It innovates and breaks away from the traditional online "webgame" by adding a realtime element to the game.
No downloads or plugins are required: The game is entirely written in HTML5.


The front-end of the web is all about clear communication.

We develop for the front-end of the web using the newest technologies possible. HTML5 and CSS3 are our choice for the visible part of the web in combination with Javascript and jQuery.

Object Oriented PHP

Object oriented PHP & Database development

The back-end of the web is all about powerful & flexible systems.

To develop for the back-end, is to develop a powerful system that is flexible yet strong enough to withstand the fast moving market that is the Internet. That is why we use open source technologies and use Object Oriented PHP & MySQL.